My presentation at the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy annual meeting in Krakow, Poland

My primary interest is at the intersection of Buddhist Philosophy and contemporary analytic Philosophy of Mind. One of my major projects includes developing a Yogacara Buddhist inspired version of the Narrative Account of the Self. Interested readers can find my manuscript on this topic at the link below.

One of my main interests within Philosophy of Mind is the nature of consciousness. I have developed a piece arguing in favor of holistic approaches to consciousness. As a result of a plethora of complications from accounts that attempt to build up ordinary human consciousness from small units (i.e. atomistic approaches to consciousness), I argue that views that take consciousness as a single property bearing unit are more plausible.

Some of the scholars presenting at the Uheiro Graduate Philosophy Conference hosted by the University of Hawaii

Within Buddhist Philosophy, I am particularly interested in the claim that there are no selves. In an exploration of this view and its implications for issues surrounding practical reasoning, I am currently working on a piece entitled: No Self and a Roth IRA: Should Buddhists Save for Retirement? I argue Buddhists are rationally required to save for retirement, but the central Buddhist tenant that there are no enduring selves significantly undermines this requirement. I show how one obvious solution to this tension may work for related non-Buddhist accounts, but fails given the soteriological aims of the Buddhist tradition. Interested readers can find my manuscript on this topic at the link below.

In my feminist philosophical work, I am developing a piece entitled Fat is Not A Slur. I defend a novel account of slurs and apply it to the term “fat.” I argue that “fat” is not a slur.